Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Donovan's Dragon Bookmark

Tonight I finally finished the stitching on a bookmark for my son, Donovan. I think I started it back in October. Normally something small like a bookmark wouldn't take me very long to stitch, but this is no ordinary pattern. It is Dragon Knot Bookmark by Dracolair Creations (http://www.dracolair.com/). It is done in cross stitch, half cross stitch, and many over-one stitches too. Enough to drive a person crazy! It also uses blended threads, so even the over-one stitches have to be stitched with two strands of thread. I used 28 count black linen, first time I had ever stitched anything on black, but did not really find it as difficult to work on as I would have thought. To top it all off, I used Kreinik #12 Very Fine Braid for the backstitching to give it a little sparkle. Oh, did that stuff ever break and fray! I used a whole spool of it, with only about a foot left. Whew, glad I didn't run out before it was finished.

A couple of years ago, I made the same bookmark for my younger son, Kevin, and at the time swore I would never do anything like it again. Well, that was until Donovan saw it and wanted one in blues and oranges. I really do think they are trying to drive me crazy! When Kevin gets home from work, I will ask him to let me borrow his bookmark long enough to scan it, after which I will post it too.