Monday, March 1, 2010

We've got snow!

After a relatively mild January and February (for us) we finally got some snow. The weathermen said we had about 17 inches, but this looks more like 30 inches if you ask me. And it is not a drift on the table, as it is in other parts of the picture.

While the snow is pretty to look at, I could really do without it. My favorite time of year is spring, when all the trees are flowering and flowers blooming everywhere. I am a warm weather person!

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My Sons' Bookmarks

These are the two bookmarks that I stitched for my sons Donovan and Kevin. I finished Donovan's by turning the fabric to the back while Kevin's was finished by gluing it to some ultrasuede. Kevin's is about two years old now and has been used a lot, and washed a couple of times so it does show a little wear. I thought it would be interesting to show them side by side though, to show how different they look in different colors and finishings. I really like this pattern, but it is so difficult to stitch with blended needles and full, half and over-one stitches! I thought I would go crazy stitching them, but I made it - twice!

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