Monday, March 1, 2010

My Sons' Bookmarks

These are the two bookmarks that I stitched for my sons Donovan and Kevin. I finished Donovan's by turning the fabric to the back while Kevin's was finished by gluing it to some ultrasuede. Kevin's is about two years old now and has been used a lot, and washed a couple of times so it does show a little wear. I thought it would be interesting to show them side by side though, to show how different they look in different colors and finishings. I really like this pattern, but it is so difficult to stitch with blended needles and full, half and over-one stitches! I thought I would go crazy stitching them, but I made it - twice!

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  1. These are gorgeous, Cindy. I don't know if I would be patient enough to stitch such a complicated design, especially twice in two colorways! You've done a great job - hope your sons will treasure them into their adult years, and pass them on to their kids. Family heirloom stuff here!