Friday, October 23, 2009

This is my entry to the Victoria Sampler yahoo group's Fall Biscornu contest. This was a lot of fun! Thea designed the basic pattern and then left it up to us to choose our own colors and stitch it any way we wanted to. There were so many beautiful biscornus!
In looking through my stash, I noticed that I didn't really have too many fall colored threads. But then I started looking through my collection of Olde Willow Stitchery floss, and came up with some beautiful colors. Did the whole biscornu with Olde Willow threads, and I just love the way it came out. Then I found a little bee charm to put on the back side of it, in the middle of the sunflower. Perfect! Oh, around the edges, the original design had hearts, which I changed to Rhodes' Pumpkins. Actually just a variation of a Rhodes' heart, but it worked.

New Finish!

Been really busy lately, but still managed to get some stitching and designing in. I made a pouch to carry my cell phone and hang around my neck like a necklace. I don't always have pockets, and kept laying it down and forgetting where it was.

I was just finished with the stitching when I noticed that I made a huge counting error, and had completed the cutting and stitching so there was no chance of repairing it, only starting over. I decided to use it the way it is. I am so happy that I did because it is so useful, and now I don't lose my phone any more. I was planning to line it with white satin, but tried it out for size and decided to leave it unlined because I liked the way the phone shows through. Can you tell where the error is?